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Best Shit Ever

 (Lemon Master X Sage N Sour)


      Best Shit Ever feminized seeds is a collaboration between us and the original Breeder known as Bredby42 on instagram. We were honored to bring such a unique and historical variety to the scene as we have had many encounters of this beauty along our path of flavor. We first heard of this variety through some of our oldest underground Breeders and local Heads in the Long Beach area. In 2004-2009 Long Beach had two specific Shops that were selling the B.S.E.; A.H.H. and Belmont Shore Natural Care. These shops were so beyond with there knowledge of genetics and had some of the most amazing flavors. Bogs Sour Bubble, Trinity queen, Trainwreck, all the amazing OG's, Kush's and all grown really well. The people that ran the place knew exactly what to put on the shelf.  There was one guy in particular named John that we met that was the reason for its name and its hype. He was given the seeds by Bredby42 and selected the beauty from the bunch. I remember being in his living room and tasting it for the first time and it was and still is so delicious. He would smack his lips tasting it and his son G would be all smiles to the left. He would say "Best Shit Ever, this is the Best Shit Ever" It would get us so lifted we wouldnt move . We stepped into the picture in 2016 when the variety was given to us by bredby42 and were asked to make feminized seeds of the B.S.E. so the community can finally try her out. We jumped through the roof and made it happen. All the offspring from this beauty of a plant have been so fun to pick through the last couple years. Finishing by week 10 indoor and October outdoor. GET IT!

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