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Tricks Of The Trade


Successful Seed Germination

            In seed germination temperature, moisture and age of the seeds play a huge role in success. Maintaining a temperature of 73 to 77 degrees and not having a saturated medium will ensure better success rates. Seeds that are 3 years or younger tend to have greater germination rates then seeds from 3 years and older. You can extend that 3 year period by storing your seed stock in the refrigerator at lower temperatures. There are many different methods to sprouting seedlings and we will  share our most successful ways.

       Method 1 (paper towel)

step 1. When doing 1-13 seeds we take three pieces of paper towel and fold them  together to the size of a playing card. If you are doing more seeds then 10 you would need more paper towels.

step 2.  Wet the paper towel with regular tap water and squeeze out some of the water. Make sure to leave some water but not to much if that makes sense.

Step 3. Unfold your paper towel to a size that will fit all of your seeds. the beast way is to have a fold down the center to form a flap.

Step4. Place the seeds in the crease or the fold of the wet paper towel and fold the paper towel in half. Make sure to leave space between the seeds so they aren't difficult to separate in transplant process.

Step 5. Place the folded paper towel into a plastic sandwich bag with the seed side/ fold going in the bag firs and zip it up.

Step 6. Finding a cabinet that stays at a good consistent medium temperature (73-77) is best. Propping the bag up on its side is preferred. We have found that placing the bag between a couple books helps to keep it vertical. the idea for that is to in sure vertical growth.

Step 7. After a couple days open the paper towel and see if they have sprouted their tap root tails. If they have then transplant them into fresh soil that isn't hot in nutrition. If its hot it will burn the new life. The tail should be placed downward and the other end that is either a fresh green sprout covered with a little bit of soil. All of this should be done with clean hands and with lots of care. Waiting till the tail is longer and strong is best, but if working with older seeds sometimes its best to get them into some soil asap.

           Method 2 (soil)

Step 1. Fill your cup or small pot with a medium or light nutrient soil.

Step 2. Poke a little hole in the center of your soil and place the seed in the hole.

Step 3. Cover up the seed with just a little bit of soil and water with fresh R/O water. water again only when the soil is dry.

Step 4. When you see a sprout make sure to support it with a stake or tooth pic for start.


After the sprouts have made it into the soil or the medium you have chosen it is then up to you to see them to there next stage of life. If you are not experienced or would like some consulting please contact us by leaving an email on our contact page. Any questions or any recommended methods can be emailed to us as well.

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